We are a Canadian and an American who grew up next to the Canada-US border, the “world’s longest undefended border.” This blog contains our thoughts, mostly political, regarding culture, identities, and the ethical imperative to cross boundaries.

Matt Friedman teaches history at Rutgers University-Newark. He is the award-winning author of three books on the Internet and a long-time journalist whose work has appeared in the Montreal Gazette, The National Post, InternetWeek, and Wired News. He lectured at the Journalism School of Concordia University in Montreal from 1997 to 2003. A native of Montreal, he relocated to the New York area in 2005.

Mollischke J cannot be identified at this time.

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  1. When I taught journalism at Michigan, I was careful to instruct my students to avoid creating what I termed a “black hole of ignorance.” Unintentionally I am sure, you have committed this infraction in your excellent piece, Remembering Joe. The BHOI? Oberst Warnstadt. Here is the key player in the story, one who simply vanishes, exiting the stage, perhaps pursued by a bear– we know not. Your story is marvelous, but it remains incomplete until the footnote is added, even a line, telling us what became of the man who was gatekeeper not only to Joe’s life, but to the hundreds of others whose lives were granted by a man who could easily have taken them.

    • Thanks, Tom. You are quite right, of course. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any easily-accessible record of Warnstadt. This was not a piece of professional writing, as you know, but if it was — and if I ever have the opportunity to turn it into something professional — Warnstadt’s fate is one of the things I wold like to research more deeply.

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